Spade & Partners’ expertise

Rising to a challenge: that’s what makes us tick

Spade & Partners is a consulting firm specialising in the recruitment of senior executives and specialists, with a focus on selecting elite candidate profiles.

Whether you are looking for a middle manager with specific skills or expertise, or a key person to fill a strategic post in your business, Spade & Partners can help.

Our key strength: customised search

Our consultants carry out customised searches, often within highly specialised areas of expertise, to identify the ideal candidate and motivate him or her to apply for the position you wish to fill. Using relevant tests and with the help of an occupational psychologist, we then assess the fit between potential candidates and the desired qualities and skills.

Support: our primary commitment

We are committed to supporting each of our clients throughout every step of the recruitment process. At Spade & Partners, we do everything in our power to fully understand our clients’ needs, ensuring that we are in a position to carry out an effective search. We then apply specific sourcing and assessment techniques and a tailored methodology based on established diagnostics.

Confidentiality: a key to our success

Another key to the success of Spade & Partners lies in our compliance with a strict code of ethics and our respect for the confidentiality of both client and candidate information. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing the greatest discretion to ensure that no one involved in the process finds themselves in a difficult position.

Direct approach

At Spade & Partners, our expertise lies in our ability to directly approach the high-potential candidates we have identified while abiding by the highest ethical standards. To facilitate this approach, we draw on modern tools and an experienced team that is constantly up to speed with the latest market trends and issues. Our staff have built up local networks of key players in various business sectors who can make recommendations and help them spot talented individuals.

Acting as genuine ambassadors for our clients, our consultants expertly tailor their pitch, presenting the position to be filled and its environment in a way that arouses candidates’ interest even when they are not seeking a new career opportunity. Our direct approach methodology is based on dialogue, confidentiality and discretion combined with the highest ethical standards.

Hybrid approach

To find the best candidate, Spade & Partners draws as far as possible on existing resources while making ample use of new technologies. Searches are conducted using a direct approach as well as social media and CV libraries. Positions may also be advertised if confidentiality clauses permit. Our market expertise means we can build a customised media plan for each individual assignment and our consultants can guide our clients’ companies towards the most appropriate communications media.

À la carte services

To meet the needs of certain companies requiring targeted assistance at a specific stage of the recruitment process, Spade & Partners also offers a range of à la carte services:

Designing and placing advertisements: the customised media plan

Where confidentiality rules permit, Spade & Partners puts together a customised media plan and places advertisements designed to attract the most suitable candidates for the position in question.

Assessing shortlisted candidates: narrowing the search

At Spade & Partners, we assess the personalities, skills and potential of candidates shortlisted by our clients, both internal and external, in a variety of contexts (recruitment, career development, promotion, reorganisation, etc.). Depending on your needs, we can conduct interviews, tests and role-plays as well as seeking references.

Sourcing: identifying a broad spectrum of potential candidates

Sourcing takes place before the recruitment process gets underway. It consists of using all available methods to draw up an initial list of potential candidates (advertisements, direct contact, referral networks, CV libraries, social media, blogs, forums, company websites, etc.).

Tests: providing new keys to understanding

We use an occupational psychologist to assess candidates’ personalities and intellectual and managerial aptitude. Our psychologist selects and constructs tests appropriate to the post in question, designed to bring an alternative perspective to the candidate selection process.

Web tracking: using new technologies

This method consists of using the full array of online resources to find the ideal candidate. It includes consulting social media, CV libraries and all dedicated job sites.

Assessment centres: providing a concrete evaluation

Under this method, several assessors use various tools to assess a candidate’s ability to perform a task or meet objectives in near-real-life conditions. Tools used include psychometric tests, role-play and hands-on simulations. Like tests, this method can supplement assessment interviews to facilitate decision-making.

Tailored services

At Spade & Partners, our search methodologies and recruitment procedures are built to the specific requirements of each individual assignment. Every assignment is treated as a unique case by our expert consultants, who familiarise themselves with the client firm’s philosophy so as to identify its real needs and find the best way to respond to them.

We are committed to continuing to work alongside our clients however long or complex their assignments may be.