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Our spheres of activity

Spade & Partners

Geographic scope

Spade & Partners supports clients based mainly in France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium with their local, national and international development.

There are no limits to the scope of our searches.

Spade & Partners

Business sectors

Spade & Partners has clients in a wide range of business sectors, including industry, services, construction, health and social care, and local government.

We work with all kinds of businesses, from microbusinesses to multinationals.

Spade & Partners

Roles sought

Spade & Partners is a consulting firm specialising in the recruitment of middle and senior managers and senior executives. One of our unique features is that we specialise in seeking rare candidate profiles and can respond to even the most complex requests.

The work of Spade & Partners consultants can take a number of different forms, from finding a middle manager with specific skills or expertise to recruiting a key person to fill a strategic post. At Spade & Partners, we identify our clients’ real, specific needs in order to respond to all requests, no matter how complex.

Our managing director

Discover spade & partners

Having served as Senior Consultant at a recruitment firm that directly approached managers and senior executives, Frédérique Friche decided to join Link to take the reins of Spade & Partners. Thanks to her 25 years’ experience in recruitment, 15 of which were spent at recruitment firms, Frédérique Friche is a true expert who can give valuable advice and skilfully guide a team. She has comprehensive expertise in processes, psychology and methodology, and an unfailing dynamism.aut.