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Our values, guarantees and commitments

Spade & Partners

Fundamental values

At Spade & Partners, our ethical approach is built on our core values of honesty, transparency, respect and objectivity.
These values give rise to the firm’s code of conduct, which focuses on maintaining the confidentiality of both client and candidate information. All our work is based on objective analysis and transparency regarding the work undertaken.

Spade & Partners

Long-term commitments

Given our fundamental values, at Spade & Partners we are naturally committed to close relationships of trust, honesty, discretion and a personalised approach.
With the aim of building lasting relationships, each assignment is made to measure using a tailored search and assessment methodology. We pride ourselves on cultivating our clients’ trust by providing them with genuine insight alongside a comprehensive and specific approach.

Spade & Partners

Quality guarantees

At Spade & Partners, we take all the time needed to successfully complete each assignment. No search is concluded until a lasting solution has been found.
Thanks to our personalised search methods and our genuine commitment to a long-term approach, at Spade & Partners we are proud to guarantee the quality of our work for every client, helping you recruit trustworthy staff who can become a part of your company for the long term and contribute to its success.

Our Managing Director

Discover Spade & Partners

Having served as Senior Consultant at a recruitment firm that directly approached managers and senior executives, Frédérique Friche decided to join Link to take the reins of Spade & Partners. Thanks to her 25 years’ experience in recruitment, 15 of which were spent at recruitment firms, Frédérique Friche is a true expert who can give valuable advice and skilfully guide a team. She has comprehensive expertise in processes, psychology and methodology, and an unfailing dynamism.

A word from our Managing Director

“Recruitment is not just a matter of filling a vacant position within an organisation.
For Spade & Partners, it means transforming a search process into an opportunity for the recruiting company to grow and develop; it means not contenting ourselves with good enough but detecting, attracting and incorporating the highest-potential candidates who will be the key people of the future.
It also means looking at a range of possible options and defining the one that will be the most coherent, drive the most growth for the company and make the most sense to other staff.
This desire for excellence and precision is part of Spade & Partners’ DNA.
Every one of our consultants shares these values of commitment and loyalty. Our consultants undertake complex assignments with passion and determination.

Whether you are a recruiter or a candidate, we pride ourselves on considering your needs and expectations with respect and objectivity. Decisions that affect not only organisations but the lives of men and women are not to be taken lightly.
Our objectives are clear and our methods adaptable and proven. But beyond our commitment to deliver, we love what we do and we put our hearts into helping individuals and companies succeed.
Nothing compares with the satisfaction of successfully completing an assignment, seeing a new recruit integrate perfectly into a team and building a lasting relationship of trust.”

Our methodology

The Spade & Partners recruitment methodology follows a structured approach whose every step is tailored to the individual assignment in question. Its key components are set out below.

The first, fundamental step: analysing the position

At Spade & Partners, our consultants endeavour to study and analyse each client firm’s history, culture and environment. This step is fundamental to the success of the assignment.

The Spade & Partners difference: Thanks in particular to an interview with the top manager or line manager, Spade & Partners’ consultants define every aspect of the position to be filled and the associated challenges and environment.

Designing communication tools: remaining precise and transparent

Once the position to be filled has been clearly defined, our consultants put together a complete dossier on the company, the position and the desired profile.
Based on this information, if confidentiality requirements permit, we design and place a job advertisement.

The Spade & Partners difference: This dossier enables the client firm to check that we have properly understood their requirements. It also serves as a basis for communicating with high-quality candidates, who have access to a comprehensive document that describes the roles and responsibilities associated with the position and highlights the benefits of the company.

Searching for potential candidates: our core business

As genuine ambassadors for their client firms, our consultants draw on a range of resources and use a combination of direct and hybrid approaches to draw up an initial list of potential candidates.

The Spade & Partners difference: Our consultants use the latest web tracking and direct approach techniques as well as their powerful networks of key contacts.

Selecting and assessing candidates: targeting the right people

Depending on the requirements identified earlier, candidates who are of interest are put through a multi-phase selection process that might include telephone interviews – which are always followed up with face-to-face interviews – as well as tests and reference checks.

The Spade & Partners difference: Our occupational psychologist, who works in-house, facilitates decision-making by administering tests and undertaking personality profiling.

Submitting shortlisted candidates: the list that counts

Once the final-round candidates have been selected by Spade & Partners, it is submitted to the client firm.

The Spade & Partners difference: A comprehensive dossier is compiled for each candidate put forward. This dossier contains a career analysis and details of the candidate’s motivation, qualities and areas for development. It also includes the results of the various tests, the candidate’s personality profile, reference checks with previous employers and proof of qualifications and employment track record.

Meeting the company: the moment of truth

Meetings are arranged between our client’s company and the candidates it wishes to consider. Spade & Partners consultants support both parties through this initial direct contact.

The Spade & Partners difference: If no recruitment decision is made, Spade & Partners continues the search until the objective is achieved.

Recruitment and monitoring candidate incorporation: Spade & Partners support

Our consultants support the decision-making process by providing ample advice and expertise. Once the recruitment decision has been made, Spade & Partners guarantees its assistance in monitoring the new staff member’s incorporation into the company.

The Spade & Partners difference: Spade & Partners monitors candidates’ progress for two years following recruitment. This monitoring is carried out unobtrusively through scheduled conversations. This approach ensures that the recruitment process is a complete success.

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Are you passionate about human resources and keen to move forward in a demanding, team-based environment? Are you intellectually curious, analytical, intuitive and motivated by the prospect of joining a fast-growing firm?

If this describes you, whether you are seeking a permanent position or an internship, feel free to submit an application and we will consider it with great interest.