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executive Search,
requires rigour,
trust and commitment…

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executive Search,
requires rigour,
trust and commitment…

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Spade &

In a few words

Spade & Partners is a recruitment firm that specialises in finding managers and senior executives. We operate in all business sectors, including manufacturing, services, construction, health and social care, and local government.
At Spade & Partners, we support our clients through every phase of the recruitment process, tailoring our methodology to each individual assignment.


In a few words

Spade & Partners is part of Link, a major player in recruitment for the past 45 years. Made up of a powerful, active network of human-resources experts, Link is based in eastern France but also operates outside France, notably in Germany and Luxembourg.
Being part of Link means Spade & Partners can draw on the expertise of experienced consultants, as well as abiding by the quality-focused and ethical approach adopted by the group throughout its history. Thanks to these strengths, Spade & Partners is now a rising star in the recruitment market.


Spade & Partners’ expertise

Direct approach

At Spade & Partners, our expertise lies in our ability to directly approach the high-potential candidates we have identified while abiding by the highest ethical standards.

Hybrid approach

To find the best candidate, Spade & Partners draws as far as possible on existing resources while making ample use of new technologies.

À la carte services

To meet the needs of certain companies requiring targeted assistance at a specific stage of the recruitment process, Spade & Partners also offers a range of à la carte services

Tailored services

At Spade & Partners, our search methodologies and recruitment procedures are built to the specific requirements of each individual assignment.


Our spheres of activity

Spade & Partners

Geographic scope

Spade & Partners supports clients based mainly in France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium with their local, national and international development.

Spade & Partners

Business sectors

Spade & Partners has clients in a wide range of business sectors, including industry, services, construction, health and social care, and local government. We work with all kinds of businesses, from microbusinesses to multinationals.

Spade & Partners

Roles sought

Spade & Partners is a consulting firm specialising in the recruitment of middle and senior managers and senior executives.

Client testimonials

Client testimonials


Gip symaris

“Spade & Partners responded to our requests in a thorough and professional manner and they earned our total confidence.

Spade & Partners got to know our business effortlessly, enabling it to conduct a meaningful assessment of candidates.

The result was that we were able to recruit a candidate who was a perfect fit with the desired criteria.”

alsace service

Alsace service

“We really appreciated Frédérique Friche’s professionalism when we were looking to recruit a deputy director at Alsace Service. The thoroughness and attention to detail with which Frédérique Friche analysed applications and the support she provided helped us successfully recruit a new deputy director and ensure her smooth integration into the team. We were particularly impressed by the ethical approach adopted by Spade & Partners.”

evac eau

Evac eau

“I appreciated Spade & Partners’ overall professional approach, and the way they monitored applications, post-recruitment support and availability, as well as its close relationship with its clients.”



“The Spade & Partners team listens to its clients and understands and responds to their needs. It uses every possible means to meet the expectations of both clients and candidates, making for recruitment that creates lasting success.”

Nos partenaires

Our partners