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Client testimonials

Who knows us better than our clients?
Read what they have to say about us…

Gip symaris
Philippe Pospieszynski,

“Spade & Partners responded to our requests in a thorough and professional manner and they earned our total confidence.

Spade & Partners got to know our business effortlessly, enabling it to conduct a meaningful assessment of candidates.

The result was that we were able to recruit a candidate who was a perfect fit with the desired criteria.”

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alsace service
Alsace service
Alain Hemmerlin,
Chief Executive

“We really appreciated Frédérique Friche’s professionalism when we were looking to recruit a deputy director at Alsace Service. The thoroughness and attention to detail with which Frédérique Friche analysed applications and the support she provided helped us successfully recruit a new deputy director and ensure her smooth integration into the team. We were particularly impressed by the ethical approach adopted by Spade & Partners.”

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evac eau
Evac eau
Michel Vetter,
Chairman and Chief Executive

“I appreciated Spade & Partners’ overall professional approach, and the way they monitored applications, post-recruitment support and availability, as well as its close relationship with its clients.”

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Audrey Liégeois,
Head of Human Resources

“The Spade & Partners team listens to its clients and understands and responds to their needs. It uses every possible means to meet the expectations of both clients and candidates, making for recruitment that creates lasting success.”

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Groupe tma
Daniel Kuss,
Chief Executive

“A highly professional team with a focus on listening to its clients’ needs, willing to adapt and review its methods in a spirit of continuous improvement so as to guarantee high-quality customer service.”

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Emmanuel Roll,
Chief Executive

“We particularly appreciated their care in understanding and taking into account our corporate culture. Recruitment is not just a matter of profiles and skills; it is also about belonging to a business. That’s a key point when an SME is recruiting and investing in human capital. From the outset, Spade & Partners detected and highlighted this requirement and shared it with candidates, making them eager to play a part in our company’s adventure.”

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